The Story of a StartUp

Year 2014-2015

This is where it all started for MOST OF THE ENGINEERING STUDENTS out there and it happened to us as well. “3 IDIOTS” this movie in 2011 hit us so hard that we ended up making a Quadcopter as our final year project like everyone else. But, we found a gap that was unaddressed. The hobby/ domain/ subject was just budding and lack of resources & right set of components/ products were inevitable. We started teaching people about this exciting hobby just like our fellow hobbyists. We always were unique in the way we delivered or presented our workshop & training. We were accepted with open arms by various educational institutions and young minds who were curious to learn & get a break from the blunt Education System where most of things learnt is never implied except for the exams we write.


Year 2016-2017

Our Big Break through where people loved our concept and we had some early revenues flowing in. We Started learning more and more about relevant things across varies domains such as Product design & development life cycle, Manufacturing best practices, Business Planning, Idea-Concept-Prototype-Product validation and acceptance by the target customers, Financial planning, Capital Raising, Customer Satisfaction & Experience, Partnerships & PRs, Digital Marketing, Brand Building, Content development, Lead Management & Closures, User Engagements, Vendor management, Costing & Budgeting, Raw Material Procurement & Production Optimization, Product Packing & Presentation, Delivery channels & platforms and 100 other things.

Year 2018- 2019

We all quit our full time jobs to work on GoRadioControl. We had no access to God Fathers, Investors, Mentors & many other resources that a budding StartUp team needs. All we had was our friends, family and the sheer will to disrupt the Education System with an idea and a vison which we all believed in. We launched several products, did a couple of workshop, got our ideas STOLEN by other Bazar competitors in the Hobby Community. We eventually had to find other jobs to feed our families as we weren’t big enough to even compete with other players in the market. We did observe a lot on our competitors moves. We took a step in one direction, So did they. We changed our Strategies, So did they. We dropped our prices, So did they. We concluded that these competitors and no longer competitors as long as they don’t have any ideas and innovation of there own. They were just mere entities REPLICATING what we did & were able to get things sold considering the reach they had in the industry.

Year 2019 – 2020

After 5 years of constant efforts, perseverance, sleepless nights, ups & downs, several iteration of our business plan along with a 1000 cups of coffee later we were selected by StartUp India, Startup Karnataka, IIMB – NSRCEL, NASSCOM 10k StartUp, Udgam Accelerator powered by NUMA Ventures and many more, for various launchpad, incubation, acceleration & recognition programs. This VALIDATED our ideas, concepts & our business plan for the New Era of Learning & Education by GoRadioControl. We had some friends and family coming forward to invest on GoRadioControl and Re-Launch it with new proven strategies. We took close to a year to fine tune things and now we’re ready to go BIG with a wide array of premium quality products and services that you’ll never find anywhere else. We still have our hopes high and believe in the work we do. With the support of the community, friends and family we’re set to disrupt the Education System from it’s core.

What Makes Us Different?


Creative Products

Our niche is creating creative product that enhances learning experiences for every type of learner. Our techniques enable you to build amazing products.

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Our experienced driven learning provides students a learning platform where they can learn, engage and be excited about charting their own careers path.

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Enabled Learning

We design, develop, build products & content with customer at the centre by using the latest and greatest technology available till date.



Everything we have to offer has been accepted by various genre of customers. We always deliver the best or nothing at all, there’s no in-between.